Letter to the Editor

Nothing gained

San Luis ObispoOctober 23, 2013 

Our nation experienced a federal government shutdown of two weeks, and just about created a worldwide financial crisis by being hours away from default. Standard & Poors said the economic cost to the nation from the shutdown was well in excess of $40 billion. Eight hundred-thousand federal employees went without pay during that time, and some were even forced to work (e.g. Social Security) without pay. People trying to get cancer treatments were put on hold. The pain was experienced by so many in our nation.

The final House of Representatives resolution, just a few hours before default was to begin, was passed because a few Republicans finally broke with party lines and voted to stop the shutdown. My concern is that the vast majority of the Republican members, however, remained firm and voted in the last hours to continue the shutdown and allow the default to start. This does not speak well for them, or their party. Their weeks of stubbornness achieved nothing in the end.

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