Letter to the Editor

Deserving of help

Grover BeachOctober 23, 2013 

I am having a hard time understanding the objections over letting the People’s Kitchen have a permanent home in Grover Beach. It seems wherever they go, the not-in-my-backyard attitude follows.

Their last location on Grand Avenue was a block and a half from my house, and we experienced no problems whatsoever. They gratefully accepted my coffee donations and invited my husband to eat with them, and both the servers and patrons were perfectly nice.

Once in awhile a few empty sample-size bottles would collect in the abandoned lot nearby, but these took about five seconds to pick up and are hardly what I’d call a good reason to get rid of such a worthy and much-needed service in the South County (indeed, this seems to happen near any empty lot and may have nothing to do with People’s Kitchen at all).

The holidays are almost upon us, and it seems like a good time to remember the less fortunate, rather than just wishing they would go away.

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