Letter to the Editor

Ethical mayor, council

Morro BayOctober 23, 2013 

I am deeply frustrated by The Tribune’s recent printing of mistruths.

The Tribune printed an article Sept. 24 stating that the former Morro Bay City Council violated the Brown Act when council members conducted a closed session meeting to increase the city attorney’s and city manager’s severance pay without ever notifying the public of this contract change. This is the reason.

Not only are the former council members responsible for this federal violation, but the attorney, Rob Schultz, and city manager, Andrea Lueker, not only benefited from the violation but kept it from the public! Several articles have been published stating that the current Morro Bay council is terminating Schultz and Lueker without stating a reason. The reason is clear and you published it first.

Morro Bay should be celebrating the ethical prowess of our current mayor and council. Citizens should be infuriated by Bill Yates, our former mayor’s illegal and unethical leadership. Shame on the recall efforts!

Mayor Jamie Irons is abiding by the laws and cleaning up Morro Bay to be a more efficient, honest community. Thank you Mayor Irons!

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