Letter to the Editor

Agreed on ‘Skins’

San Luis ObispoOctober 22, 2013 

This is in reply to Charles Krauthammer’s Oct. 18 column on “Redskins” (excuse me, “Skins”) et al.

I had to read it twice, because, for the most part, I found myself agreeing with him for the first time in my memory. I like his point that “simple decency” should be what determines the language we use. I plead guilty of at one time having a vast store of “humor” based on racial slurs, sexist stereotypes and religious bigotry. I think I have pretty much cleaned up my act, though I may have a little trouble with “gyp.” And I did feel that Mr. K might want to consider changing the first part of his name, lest he offend those of Germanic background. And I may agree with him on something in the future, though I doubt it.

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