Letter to the Editor

Where’s the respect?

AtascaderoOctober 21, 2013 

Five friends and I, all cyclists, were riding our bicycles on a recent morning, eastbound on Curbaril, when we crossed El Camino Real in Atascadero. Riding in single file and keeping to the right, we were passing a number of cars stopped at the red light for westbound Curbaril. As we rode past a gray VW Golf, the driver, a male wearing a camouflage jacket, gave us “the finger” and shouted out, “(expletive) hoodlums,” to us.

Needless to say, we were rather perplexed by his actions and words. All six cyclists are respected members of the community. Three are local business owners, one an airline pilot, one a member of the law enforcement community and the other a member of upper administration at Cal Poly. On other days, our ranks are made up of doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, police officers, firefighters, engineers, etc. Who’s the hoodlum?

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