Letter to the Editor

Praising Sen. Cruz

Arroyo GrandeOctober 18, 2013 

Every time I see a leftwing, GOP-bashing political cartoon in The Tribune, or hear the lies from the left on television, I wonder, “How can I counter them?” For me it is easy, as I just make another contribution to the Tea Party.

When will we know who gave the “stand down” order so that there was no rescue attempt made in Benghazi where four American heroes gave their lives? Why has there been no one punished for keeping the conservative voice quiet, giving the Democrats an advantage in the IRS scandal prior to the 2012 election? Why has the media not demanded a follow up on who was responsible for selling 2,000 weapons to the Mexican drug cartels?

I am most grateful that there is a voice of reason out there in Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. In checking the biography on Senator Cruz, I see that he is one of the most intelligent people in Washington, absolutely at the top of his class in all of his college and post-graduate work, and unlike Mr. Barack Obama, Sen. Cruz has not sealed any records, as they are there for anyone to examine.

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