Letter to the Editor

Preventive care

AAUW-Morro Bay presidentOctober 18, 2013 

The American Association of University Women California’s Public Policy Priorities for 2013-15 state: “To guarantee equality, individual rights and social justice for a diverse society. Nationally AAUW supports the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.”

Recent polls indicate that many California citizens are not knowledgeable about Covered California (Affordable Care Act).

Preventive care is especially important to women. The new law provides, at no cost, mammograms, pap smears, contraceptives, annual wellwoman visits, diabetes screening, abortion, maternity care, breast-feeding support and supplies, and counseling on STDs and domestic violence. No recipients will be denied access because of pre-existing conditions.

More information on health reform for all may be found at http://www.coveredca.com and http://www.kff.org/healthreform.

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