Letter to the Editor

Cruz did his best

San Luis ObispoOctober 18, 2013 

Let us not get too involved in criticizing Sen. Ted Cruz (Harvard Law School) for doing his best to stop funding the 2,700-page Affordable Care Act as it is written now.

If Obamacare gets funded now, it will not be able to be changed in the future, even if a conservative administration is elected in 2016, as stated by a judge on TV. All of the new Medi-Cal patients (estimated 1.5 million in California) will still have to get care somewhere.

I have talked to people in medicine, insurance, hospital administrators and politicians, and no one can tell me which physicians are going to care for them (approximately 90 percent of doctors in our county cannot afford to see Medi-Cal patients now).

All that Sen. Cruz is saying to the president is come to the bargaining table now and renegotiate a better health plan with input from all parties including physicians, insurance companies, hospital administrators, etc.

Both parties need to be involved, including doctors in Congress such as Dr. Thomas Coburn (ob-gyn) and Dr. John Barrasso (orthopedic surgeon) and others.

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