Letter to the Editor

Let’s make gardens

CayucosOctober 17, 2013 

Regarding the foreground area of our beloved Cayucos Cemetery, let’s agree it didn’t work out as a site for a rollerblade world. Can you imagine kids enjoying the noise and action down by the pier compared to the serenity and peacefulness of the cemetery?

So let’s bring in a few yards of topsoil and make some gardens. Sacrifice that “temporary” dog run. Owners of big dogs should have big backyards. The dogs can be walked on the other side of the street — the owner of that property has said he wouldn’t mind. Let the Planning Department plan how to make two dozen or so plots, hose outlets, etc. Include stuff like a friendly discussion table, lounge chairs, pillows, etc.

Because I am probably the first who has thought of this, I should get first pick of the gardens. I’m only kidding. Really, just kidding.

Don’t forget plenty of topsoil. Let the plot thicken.

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