Letter to the Editor

Middle-class peril

San Luis ObispoOctober 16, 2013 

I don’t normally pay a lot of attention to your Pro/Con features in the Voices section, but the discussion about the poor versus rich and loss of the middle class touches a nerve with me, and I think it should with all of us.

I was very impressed with Zaf Iqbal’s analysis and his suggestions, which I think would work.

I believe we are moving toward dangerous ground with the shrinking of the middle class, more poverty and a much richer upper class.

The middle class has produced standards with wages, fought discrimination and improved life for all of us. We are moving back toward a society similar to the original founding of our country with an elite upper class and a poor lower class fully controlled by the upper class.

This is dangerous, as we will lose rights and the ability to stand up to the upper class. If you are barely keeping your head above water, you don’t have the energy to fight injustice.

Who will stand up and fight when we lose the middle class?

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