Letter to the Editor

Facts vs. obstruction

Morro BayOctober 16, 2013 

Fact: Barack Obama ran both of his campaigns on affordable health care for all, which led to a landslide victory and solidified an Affordable Care Act mandate.

Fact: Newt Gingrich readily admitted that he and 13 other Republican congressmen plotted to obstruct Obama’s presidency, at all costs.

Fact: The ACA is a law of the land, passing both houses of Congress, the president’s desk and a right-leaning Supreme Court. It has passed all of the checks and balances set forth by our Constitution.

Fact: The Republican party has failed to repeal the ACA 42 times, claiming that it’s a train wreck for America.

They claim Obamacare will cost us millions, then threaten to waste hundreds of millions in tax dollars and debt defaults to stop said train wreck?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to just let that train crash? If that happened, wouldn’t the Republicans be laughing all the way to the polls? But they’re not letting that happen.

Which leads me to believe that the Republican power brokers know that the ACA is a good thing, the voters will like it and their rhetoric proved wrong.

Sense be damned, they will obstruct Obama at all costs.

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