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Money and politics

NipomoOctober 15, 2013 

Jack Creek Hay Maze

The San Luis Obispo Symposium was held at the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center Pavilion. Former lawmaker Sam Blakeslee joined a discussion as a panel expert and will moderate an exclusive discussion with Charles Munger, Jr. Blakeslee currently runs the Institute Advanced Technology and Public Policy, Cal Poly. Laura Dickinson 10-11-13

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So Charles Munger Jr. states that money cannot buy politics. I have questions for Mr. Munger: Why have you spent tens of millions of dollars on political causes when it does no good? Do you enjoy “wasting” your money?

Of course money buys politics and candidates. Money spent on political causes and TV ads definitely influences a populace that rarely examines issues for themselves.

It is a sad commentary on our society that does not take the time to research all resources before making a political decision. They are taken in by the outright lies and mistruths of the big money-bought ads. We can always hope that will change, but it won’t if big money continues to be used the way it has prior.

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