Letter to the Editor

Iran seeks to regain control

Arroyo GrandeOctober 14, 2013 

The prime question regarding Iran must be, “why does Iran need a nuclear weapon?” She certainly couldn’t use it in a pre-emptive strike; she would be obliterated by contending forces! There are only two reasonable explanations; the first would be as a retaliatory device, the second could be that having such a weapon would increase her standing in the Middle East.

Since 1979, when conservative clerics cast out the shah, who had been placed in power by the CIA, America has been obsessed with the need to regain control.

Iran, a country that has the second largest oil reserves in the world is also very rich in history. Her thousands of years as a Persian power have helped to create a feeling of destiny. One aspect that has come down through the years and is still strong in Iran’s makeup is taarof, which is a complex system of ritual politeness — it governs the subtext of life from family affairs to political negotiations.

The first charter of human rights, predating the Magna Carta by nearly two millennia was a charter by Cyrus, one of Iran’s great monarchs who stated, “I never resolve on war to reign.”

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