Letter to the Editor

Let Morro Bay leadership lead

Morro BayOctober 14, 2013 

Morro Bay Mayor Jamie Irons and council members Noah Smukler and Christine Johnson were elected to put power back in the hands all Morro Bay citizens. The previous council held illegal meetings to raise the pay of favored staff. They insisted a new wastewater plant be built to minimum standards at a site that the Coastal Commission, and other experts deemed environmentally and economically irresponsible. Former councils and staff have spent enormous sums tilting at windmills instead of doing the right thing, whether it was making judicious financial decisions or collaborating with sister agencies.

The current mayor and council are now being threatened because they are questioning and correcting years of policy misadventures as requested of them by Morro Bay voters. In the spirit of Halloween, we can watch the Morro Bay Old Guard try to rule from the grave. It may be another ghoulish and costly fiasco with community members footing the bill.

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