Letter to the Editor

Just scapegoats?

Morro BayOctober 14, 2013 

As it has been pointed out in letters and a Tribune editorial, Morro Bay Mayor Jamie Irons has yet to discuss the reason why he, Christine Johnson and Noah Smukler want to terminate “… two top, longtime employees who enjoy solid support in the community” (Tribune, Sept. 29).

He has stated that “no charges or complaints have been filed against these two employees.” I feel along with many others in the community that he and the two other City Council members should give a valid reason for this abrupt action. What policy did the new majority direct the city manager and city attorney to do that they did not follow?

If the answer is none, then the only conclusion that I can come to is that Andrea Lueker and Rob Schultz are nothing more than scapegoats for land use decisions that Irons, Johnson and Smukler’s core supporters have been opposed to for years.

Remember that as civil servants, Lueker and Schultz have only reacted to the direction given to them by the duly elected previous seven City Councils.

I hope that Mayor Irons and his supporters have a very well-thought-out plan in place to turn around city employee morale and to keep our services running smoothly.

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