Letter to the Editor

Who’s not playing?

Pismo BeachOctober 11, 2013 

I had to chuckle when I read The Tribune’s opinion segment “Blackmail and bullying” Oct. 4.

The Tribune never “resists jumping into the fray with a basket of brickbats” when it comes to bashing House Republicans. To counter the paper’s broad-stroke blame that the Republicans are responsible for the government shutdown, one only needs to read the adjacent article by Charles Krauthammer, “Who locked little Johnny out of Yellowstone?” to get the real in-depth sense of how the government shutdown transpired.

When the Democrats in Congress voted down three bills presented by House Republicans to restore funding for our national parks, veterans and Washington D.C. government, all while our president unilaterally amended the original Affordable Care Act multiple times, the question must be asked: Who’s not playing nice in the sandbox? More socialism anyone?

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