Letter to the Editor

What recall’s about

San Luis ObispoOctober 11, 2013 

For anyone who’s not clear on what the attempt to recall Morro Bay Mayor Jamie Irons is really about, Gary Johnson made it clear at the Oct. 8 City Council meeting.

Johnson, husband of Morro Bay city councilwoman Nancy Johnson, one of the last of the old regime still on the council, said he’s sorry about the push for recall, but sometimes you just have to do that, “like in Colorado,” because we need to “keep this stuff from happening.” He was referring to the Colorado state senators who voted to pass laws that require background checks for gun purchases in their state and limit magazine size to 15 rounds, and who were then yanked out of office in a recall campaign orchestrated by the NRA.

Get it? This is one more example of right-wing extremists doing anything to get their own way. It happened in Colorado, they’re trying in D.C., and they’re trying it in Morro Bay, where I spent 12 years watching the good old boy network at play. My former neighbors finally voted them out last year and voted some good people in.

That was smart. I hope they stay smart.

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