Letter to the Editor

Overthrowing vote

Morro BayOctober 10, 2013 

I’ve never paid attention to Morro Bay politics until the people behind the recall of Jamie Irons decided to try to overthrow my vote and the election results of my town. Recalls should be reserved for criminal violations, and the only reported crime in this matter is the violation of the Brown Act that occurred last November during a closed City Council meeting.

The city attorney, who among other things instructs city employees on the Brown Act, failed to adequately report this; instead, it was reported 10 months after the fact by The Tribune. I welcome the presence of an outside attorney to look into these and other matters just in case there are any other “goofs” that may have been overlooked.

It’s appropriate that this madness is occurring while Tea Party fanatics are holding the country hostage in Washington, because, like those Tea Partiers, the people behind this recall can’t handle democracy unless they can get their own way. Irons received more votes than all of the other candidates combined, and if these people think that they are going to overthrow his election without a fight, they are wrong.

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