Letter to the Editor

Obama’s extortion

Paso RoblesOctober 10, 2013 

In his new conference Tuesday, President Barack Obama accused Republicans of demanding “ransom” and engaging in “extortion,” although the House has voted repeatedly to fund the entire U.S. government except for Obamacare. Obama should have paid more attention to his criminal law classes during his time at Harvard Law School.

An extortionist applies undue pressure to squeeze money, i.e. the ransom, out of the victim. In the case of the “shutdown,” it is Obama and the Democrats who are trying to squeeze money out of the Republican-controlled House. To accuse the side that has the purse of committing extortion and demanding ransom is fundamentally “bass ackwards.”

Obama’s stance is simply that if the House doesn’t give him all the spending he wants, including funds for Obamacare, he will not accept any spending, thereby shutting down the government. To emphasize the point, Obama’s administration even spends additional funds in order to block off the WWII monument and other sites that are otherwise always open.

The American people are indeed witnesses to behavior tantamount to extortion, but the “extortionists” are our president and the Democratic leadership in the Senate.

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