Cambrian Letters to the Editor Oct. 10

October 9, 2013 

Try a carrot, CCSD

Well, the CCSD board finally had a pro-active idea concerning our water situation — parking a water truck in the Vets Hall parking lot is a start.

Thirty years ago, my wife and I first saw Cambria on a trip up Highway 1 and thought it to be a beautiful place. Year after year, we returned for short visits and found out, by talking with locals, that there was a problem with water. Ten years ago, when we were finally able to retire and move here, we knew that we had to do something if we wanted to grow things in our yard.

Toward that end, we set about placing barrels under rain gutter downspouts. Then I found a company in Paso Robles that made a 550-gallon tank that I placed behind a fence. I also found a 275-gallon tank on Craigslist and brought it home. We purchased a 150-gallon tank to go in the bed of my truck and have been using reclaimed water from the district’s access point near the state park for more than nine years. Because of this, our yard is beautiful, and we don’t use the village water to keep it green.

All of these actions could have been, and still can be, encouraged by the CCSD — if they would simply decide to reward folks instead of punishing them. Encourage folks to conserve by subsidizing water storage tanks, gray water recovery systems, and water transport tanks. Hold public meetings to explain, discuss and offer practical solutions to water collection and storage. Instead of spending millions on studies and reports or buying million-dollar desal units, use that money in a more directed, practical and beneficial way.

Craig Heyne

Better water plan

Let me see if I understand this. The Cambria Community Services District believes that if you throw more money at the district’s wells they will respond by producing more water. Many of my friends and neighbors go to ridiculous extremes to conserve our water.

For example, we have a dish tub in our kitchen sink that, when full, is use to water our meager garden.

When the dogs are down for the night, we take their water dish and pour it in the garden as well.

I doubt the gross water users in our village are similarly conservative of a resource that has reached a critically low level. Their answer to conservation is to simply write bigger checks.

One doesn’t have to drive very far to see lush, green landscaping with thriving grass lawns. And just how many Jacuzzi tubs are there on Moonstone Beach?

Let’s not forget the legal and illegal vacation rentals that dot Cambria and the uncontrolled number of people that reside in them at any given time. No wonder residents, such as myself, are tired of subsidizing these gross users/ wasters of water while we conserve our butts off.

This month, Cambria will experience a significant increase in tourism due to our Scarecrow Festival. Anyone thought of locking the public restrooms and placing port-a-potties around instead?

There are solutions to our current water shortage, but surcharging the normal water use ratepayers is not one of them, especially if the CCSD continues to ignore the obvious.

Dennis Ortenburger

Applause for paddle

Once again, the North Coast Ocean Rescue team did what it does best. We ensured the safety of the participants in this year’s Pier-to-Point Paddle entering the water at San Simeon Cove and all exiting the water at Leffingwell Landing just as safely even as the fog rolled in and out. The Pier-to-Point Paddle is a fundraiser for the NCOR team to help fund equipment needs. The team consists of trained volunteers as part of the Cambria Fire Department and the Cambria Community Services District. A very special thanks goes to the Cambria Emergency Response Team as they provided key support on land in the planning and execution of the event. NCOR would like to sincerely thank the Best Western Cavalier Oceanfront Resort and Restaurant for providing a delicious barbecue meal to all the participants and volunteers. Thanks also to the Cookie Crock for its donation of water and Gatorade, West Marine for safety whistles, the Cambria Community Bus, California State Parks and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. It was a fun, safe and beautiful run down our glorious coastline.

David and Beth Yudovin
chairpersons, Pier-to-Point Paddle

Request from library

To the Cambria Library supporters:

The Friends of the Cambria Library would like to extend our fondest “thank yous” for all the years of support through donations of books, magazines, CDs, books on tape, records and movie DVDs.

As we prepare for the move in December, we want to continue this partnership with a few changes. Please continue to donate all the items above with a few exceptions in the number of donations.

The new library does not have a protected donation area that our old library has near the back door. The overhang on the South side of the library is for a walkway only. Donations of books cannot be left there. We are not sure as to where things will be at the new library at this time.

Because outside “protected” space is somewhat limited, we are asking that you refine your donations of books to those that are in good shape and damage-free from water, varmints and overuse.

We are also asking the public to NOT donate textbooks or outdated political and educational publications. Our volunteers painstakingly go through the donations and have to throw many items away for the above reasons.

We are very fortunate to have such a supportive community and hope to continue this for many years to come.

We all hope the new library will be all that we envision it to be.

With your help and assistance in the future months, the volunteers and library staff will be very excited for the opening of our new facility.

Teri Lord
Friends of the Cambria Library

Wrong motivation

I could understand and support a Congress that would shut the government down because that government was imprisoning people without constitutional due process; or because it was using extraordinary means to spy on its citizens without warrant; or because it was conducting endless wars without congressional approval; or because it was executing people without a trial; or because it was using tax dollars to bail out bandit bankers; or because its Supreme Court equated money with speech and undermined democracy.

What I can’t understand and can’t support is an obstructionist minority that shuts the government down to prevent implementing a health insurance program that was passed by Congress; signed into law by the president; ruled constitutional by a conservative Supreme Court; demanded by a majority of citizens; and provides health coverage for millions of Americans who otherwise will be left uninsured.

Donald Archer

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