Letter to the Editor

Account for water

San Luis ObispoOctober 9, 2013 

Per Sept. 23’s front page article, “Building boom in SLO,” I took the time to add up the total number of homes and hotel rooms listed in this story. I came up with 1,117 homes and 242 hotel rooms. Calculating further, let’s assume each home has two bathrooms, to include one shower and tub, and each hotel room has one full bathroom: The end result is the demand for water will increase by approximately 2,476 bathroom fixtures.

It would be nice to have our city and county water officials calculate just how much additional water is going to be needed to accommodate all these projects, especially now that we’ve been assured by John Lindsey that we are probably in for another low rain season.

Shouldn’t those same water officials be estimating the amount of water being used for agriculture, i.e., wineries in the South County area. We already know what the future holds for the North County, don’t we?

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