Letter to the Editor

'Obamacare' vs. ACA

AtascaderoOctober 8, 2013 

Polls show Americans dislike “Obamacare” (nickname for Affordable Care Act), but same polls show they overwhelmingly approve of the ACA. Therefore, polls show most people don’t know what Obamacare is, and when told, they want it.

Obama submitted yearly “budgets;” see the Government Printing Office’s website to view them. The Constitution requires Congress create budgets — not the president. Current law requires only that the president send a “what he’d like them to spend” to Congress.

Come 2014, per the ACA, Congress and staffs are not exempt, but must buy their insurance under ACA exchange plans.

The Supreme Court has ruled. Waivers giving states leeway to spend welfare, Medicaid and others funds as they want are constitutional and within the president’s purview to grant.

The FBI and police negotiate during hostage situations and standoffs. After 37 years of not talking to Iran — how’s that worked out? Time to talk to them.

Tribune: Your paper appears to have an agenda . The “shutdown” is the fault of Republicans and you are slanting that news by withholding facts and repeating lies with letters like the one from the Smiths (Oct. 3).

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