Letter to the Editor

Goodbye, Billiam

Morro BayOctober 8, 2013 

I too wish to congratulate Bill Morem on his escape from the rat race: retirement.

Bill and I worked together for about 12 years at the Sun Bulletin and I am proud to consider him one of my mentors, both in journalism and in how to be a better member of my community.

Bill, Richard Palmer and I worked our tails off to cover our readership area — Los Osos, Morro Bay and Cayucos (as Palmer liked to say, “Our world ends at Harmony, and Cuesta College”).

Bill’s sense of humor? I stole that. His interviewing method? Stole that too.

Bill taught me that every person has a story, and it was our job to get that story out of them and tell it. I eavesdropped as he interviewed people over the phone, typing notes on the computer (something I could never master) and laughing and guffawing like he was talking to his best friend and not a complete stranger.

“Billiam,” as we called him at the “Fun Bulletin” imprinted his enormous personality on the paper and made it a pleasure to work on and to read.

Love ya Billiam. Don’t be a stranger.

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