Letter to the Editor

Beware this change

Paso RoblesOctober 8, 2013 

This whole shutdown hostage situation is not about Obamacare per se. This is about trying to change the fundamental way we change laws we don’t agree with.

This year, we hold the government hostage by withholding budgetary funds in exchange for changing or eliminating a law we don’t agree with. If the president allows this to happen, then a precedent has been established which will become the norm.

Next year at budget time, one party in Congress can tie the passage of the budget to the privatization of Social Security, the following year tie it to the elimination of Medicare, and then we can go on to abortion, contraception, food stamps, oil pipelines, etc. Who do these clowns think they’re fooling?

Beware what you wish for. If the presidency changes parties, then the other party can finally go for universal background checks, the banning of automatic weapons, increased taxes or elimination of the Citizens United rule. Beware, my friends.

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