Letter to the Editor

Get over Obamacare

Paso RoblesOctober 7, 2013 

To our elected representatives: You’ve failed us — again.

You think your job is to lob your opinion into the air and whack it over the net to the “other side.” They whack it back and it continues until it hits the ground. This isn’t your job. This is volleyball. It is a game. A game not improved by taking the ball, standing in the corner and holding your breath so the game can’t proceed in a childish act called, “filibuster.” What are you, 6?

You were elected to solve our problems and make our nation better. This requires compromise, wisdom and selflessness. Your actions convey that you either never knew this or forgot once elected.

Obamacare passed: Get over it. It’s not what you or the president wanted, but it’s done and deserves a chance to succeed or fail.

Get back to work, learn respect and teamwork and how to “play well with others.” Focus your attention on things like our crisis in education, the unbridled greed that is Wall Street and how you’re going to care for your people when they’re old and need assistance.

We put you into these jobs. We can take you out.

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