Letter to the Editor

Sort things out

Morro BayOctober 4, 2013 

Remember the story “Alice In Wonderland”? The queen was so upset, she ran around saying, “Cut off their heads! Cut off their heads!”

I seem to have witnessed that same reaction last week in my own hometown. I wholeheartedly agree with the Opinion of The Tribune on Sept. 29. I still believe that, in America, we are all innocent until proven guilty. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I have seen let go “without” cause in my lifetime. It even happened to me once. It is so common — nothing personal, just business. Happens in business and government all the time.

We owe it to Mayor Jamie Irons to allow him and the council members the time to sort this out and see it through before judging. There is no good way to deliver difficult news, but I would agree that this could have been handled better. But let’s not assume, because you know what that does.

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