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Cambria Letters to the Editor Oct. 3

October 2, 2013 

Water harvesting

Folks, we have the resources to maximize the most efficient use of our water, and it is called … water harvesting.

Think of every home or business property in Cambria as a “watershed” where water can be collected and stored for future use and where the groundwater can be restored. Some of these methods are cisterns, graywater, laundry to landscape, raingarden basins and bioswales (LID), and rainwater harvesting.

There is plenty of information out there on these alternative water management practices, commonly referred to as “permaculture.” We each can be part of the solution of watershed management by employing these practices at home, in our own backyards. Here are some resources:

  • SLO Green Build’s SLOCOAT DIY homeowner Graywater Guide and Low Impact Development Guide at www.slogreenbuild.org/cm/Home.html. Go to News and Publications to download for free.
  • Local plumbers, such as Justin Smith (Potter’s Plumbing at 927-4069) are certified to install cisterns and graywater systems.
  • Local landscapers, such as Josh Carmichael (Carmichael Environmental at 801-6956) can install water efficient landscapes.
  • Books written on the topic such as “Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands” by Brad Lancaster or “Harvest the Rain” by Nate Downey.
  • The Basins of Relations booklet by Brock Dolman from Occidental Arts and Ecology Center (www.oaecwater.org/education/bor-publication).
  • Water harvesting books by Art Ludwig of Oasis Designs in Santa Barbara, and a DIY guide on laundry to landscape (http://oasisdesign.net).

The SLO Permaculture Guild sits on the SLO Coalition of Appropriate Technology (SLOCOAT), which is part of SLO Green Build. The SLO Permaculture Guild has a local course on permaculture (PDC) and will be offering future workshops. We meet at 6 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the SLO Grange Hall on South Broad Street. The website is www.slopermaculture.net and Facebook page is www.facebook.com/SLOPermacultureGuild. Contact me at treelees@charter.net and I’ll put you on the list where you’ll receive informative emails about once a week on permaculture ideas and events.

Teresa Lees

Safe in the water

Once again the North Coast Ocean Rescue team did what it does best. We ensured the safety of the participants in this year’s Pier-to-Point Paddle entering the water at San Simeon Cove and all exiting the water at Leffingwell Landing just as safely even as the fog rolled in and out.

The Pier-to-Point Paddle is a fundraiser for the NCOR team to help fund equipment needs. The team consists of trained volunteers as part of the Cambria Fire Department and the Cambria Community Services District.

Very special thanks to the Cambria Emergency Response Team for providing key support on land in planning and executing the event. NCOR would like to sincerely thank the Best Western Cavalier Oceanfront Resort and Restaurant for providing a delicious barbecue meal to participants and volunteers.

Thanks also to the Cookie Crock for its donation of water and Gatorade, West Marine for safety whistles, the Cambria Community Bus, California State Parks and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

It was a fun, safe and beautiful run down our glorious coastline.

David and Beth Yudovin, chairpersons
Pier-to-Point Paddle

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