Coast Union's football team left in limbo amid league confusion

Broncos thought they were cleared to join the Condor circuit from CVL

Special to The CambrianOctober 2, 2013 

Last season, Coast Union’s first as an 8-man football team, the Broncos were welcomed into the Condor League. In competition with Cate, Thacher, Laguna Blanca and Dunn School, the Broncos ended up in third place with a 2-2 record (7-3 overall).

Coast athletic director Bill Clough explains that a year prior to the 2012 football season, the coaches and athletic directors of the Condor League teams contacted CIF Southern Section officials, notifying them that Coast Union had been accepted into their league.

CIF at that time replied that athletic directors in the Coast Valley League and the Condor League must unanimously agree to Coast Union being added to the Condor League, Clough recalled.

In a phone interview Tuesday, Clough said, “All the athletic directors and coaches agreed, and CIF was informed of this.”

However, the CIF denies that it authorized the Broncos to play football in the Condor League and other sports (baseball, basketball, volleyball and softball) in the Coast Valley League (CVL).

In an email response to this reporter Tuesday, CIF Southern Section official Thom Simmons says that Coast Union had received permission from the two leagues to play in the Condor League “but not from the CIF-SS office. Unfortunately, it was never caught last year,” Simmons asserted.

“This year it was discovered a week before the season started” that Coast Union was playing in two leagues and hence, according to “CIF state and CIF-SS bylaws,” Simmons continued, Coast was officially dropped from the Condor League by CIF.

Clough said Coast Union would not agree to play football against the three CVL teams that have football programs because those games would be mismatches of profound proportions.

To wit, Cuyama (75 students), Maricopa (100 students), and Valley Christian (50 students) would be no match for Coast Union’s football team (gleaned from 240 students).

At this point the contentious matter is unresolved, but Clough is working with both leagues to form an “association,” which would allow the Broncos to play in the Condor League in football and continue to play in the CVL in other sports.

Will the CIF-SS agree to the proposed association? Stay tuned.

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