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ACA information

AtascaderoOctober 2, 2013 

With the rollout of the final phase of the Affordable Care Act underway —open enrollment in health care exchanges for individuals not covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal, parents’ or employers’ insurance — opposition by far right ideologues has reached a fever pitch. Misinformation that the ACA is a “job killer” and a “government takeover” that will increase insurance premiums and the national debt, including scary TV ads showing a creepy Uncle Sam holding a speculum to perform a pelvic exam are filling the airways and sowing confusion, skepticism and fear among the uninformed.

Fortunately for SLO County residents who attended the Latino Outreach Council’s recent Health Care Forum, the true impact, benefits and requirements of the ACA were delineated. The expert panel consisted of Jacqueline del Valle Frederick, attorney and moderator; Democratic State Sen. Bill Monning from the 17th District; Debbie Arnold, SLO County supervisor from the 5th District; Jose Guzman, representative from Community Health Centers, and Joel Diringer, attorney and health policy expert.

If you were unable to attend, a CD of the forum will be available from AGP (772-2715) for a small fee, or catch the forum on Channel 20 cable network. Also, to determine eligibility for Medi-Cal or a federally subsidized premium, call 800-300-1506 or go to http://www.coveredca.com.

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