Letter to the Editor

People kill people

San Luis ObispoOctober 1, 2013 

People kill people. They do it by stabbing them in a laundromat or in a San Francisco bar because they are wearing the wrong T-shirt. Adult children kill parents with blunt objects. A young girl was killed by asphyxiation because she was intentionally buried in the sand. People using firearms kill people.

The sharp instruments that kill are pushed into the victims by a person. The blunt object that killed a parent was struck by a person. The asphyxiating sand was put on top of the victim by a person. The gun was shot by a person. All of the instruments used to kill are inanimate objects that cannot move or harm on their own. It takes people to use them in situations to kill other people. Indeed, drivers of motor vehicles, after imbibing alcohol or other drugs, seem to be killing many people at an alarming rate. The point of this observation is that the general violence of people in our society must be addressed.

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