Women suspected of trying to sneak drugs to CMC inmates

jhickey@thetribunenews.comSeptember 30, 2013 

Two women were arrested Saturday afternoon after authorities say they brought drugs into the California Men’s Colony visiting area, allegedly with the intent to pass them to prisoners.

Existing search warrants were executed for two separate visitors: Barbara Ann Sabbath, 66, and Nandi Kevinia Tate, 22, confirmed Lt. Frank Perez of CMC. They were found allegedly bringing in methamphetamine and marijuana, although Perez could not confirm which woman brought in which drug. Perez also could not confirm where each suspect lives.

The investigation is ongoing, so details about how the drugs were allegedly brought in are not being released at this time, Perez said.

Visitors to CMC pass through a metal detector, Perez said, but they can decline to receive a pat-down. Visitors and prisoners meet in a shared, open room with tables.

Both Sabbath and Tate were arrested on suspicion of felony counts of bringing a controlled substance into prison, bringing drug paraphernalia into prison, and trying to give or sell drugs to an inmate, Sheriff’s Office jail logs show. Tate also faces a misdemeanor count of false identification to a peace officer.

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