Letter to the Editor

A Morem memory

San Luis ObispoSeptember 30, 2013 

I was pleased to read the editorial about Bill Morem. What a guy! He was a gifted storyteller and a real oldfashioned newspaper man. Also a terrific dad.

My daughter was friends in elementary school with his daughter Caitlin. Bill often picked up the girls. Once, he took them out for a meal, and instead of opting for a simple burger and soda, he decided to take them out for fine dining at an elegant and rather expensive Japanese restaurant. He got the girls to try new things.

The girls didn’t fully understand the power of the green glob on their plates, but they sampled everything, including the wasabi. It was so strong that the expensive meal reversed course and ended up a mess on the floor. Rather than lament the failed gourmet experience and the wasted money, Bill saw the humor in the disaster that became of his elegant party.

I know that Bill enjoys being a grandparent, and I hope his retirement brings him much satisfaction. We will really miss his appearance on the pages of The Tribune and hope to see his writings as an occasional contributor.

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