Letter to the Editor

Cal Poly’s social costs

San Luis ObispoSeptember 30, 2013 

I believe that Cal Poly has a public obligation to provide an education to qualified students. I also believe that the university has an obligation to the community and should provide increased on-campus housing before admitting more students.

As a 45-year resident adjacent to Cal Poly who has paid tuition for an ex-husband and two children, I have watched the neighborhood change from a professional, family neighborhood to an extension of the Cal Poly campus. I agree that the university keeps the town youthful, businesses prosperous and landlords thriving. However, there is a tremendous cost to the town, especially to the neighborhoods surrounding the university.

I would like to invite you to visit during Week of Welcome or any weekend. Experience firsthand the traffic jams, students roaming the streets ignoring cars or basic traffic rules or sitting in lawn chairs on roofs. Come ogle scantily clad girls spilling out of front yards, over sidewalks and into the bike lanes on Grand Avenue, rushing the sororities. Watch distracted Grand Avenue drivers maneuver through club members urging new students to join from club booths set up in front yards. Or join in a friendly, drunken game of beer pong.

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