Letter to the Editor

Stop building if no water

NipomoSeptember 30, 2013 

Letter writers Heidi Harmon and Patti Launders had it partially right: Who are the idiots in charge who think it is a good idea to keep building when we have global warming and severe water shortage?

The problem is too darn many people. I have been saying for more than 20 years to close all the borders to my native California. Not only are we lacking infrastructure, we do not have the water.

I worked for a water company for 31 years, and for almost 20 years longer than that, they were in a water war. They lost and had to stop taking water from areas that had gone dry. I see water wars beginning here.

Hey, people in charge: You cannot put so many people and so much agriculture in an area that routinely has droughts.

What are you thinking? Do you want the “too many rats in a cage” syndrome that happened in the last city I lived in? I have worked with rats — put too many in a cage, and they bite one another.

I know this is asking a lot of the people in charge, but stop building until you can provide adequate water necessary for life.

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