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Morro Bay man fosters connections in a musical world

September 30, 2013 

Judy Salamacha

Chase your dreams, and they just might come true.

For Jim Davis of Morro Bay, music is his passion. For years, music has been his avocation.

Now, he intends it to be his vocation — connecting musicians to their communities for mutual benefit and enjoyment.

“When I first saw Facebook,” Davis said, “I realized that’s how I see the world: connections — friends popping up. And once I saw the Beatles perform at the Cow Palace (in San Francisco), I went to bed with a radio under my pillow. Music has always been of interest.”

Davis grew up in Merced and credits his father for teaching him how to set and complete goals. Service in the Air Force schooled him for diverse career options, including management, graphic arts and hospitality.

“Most of all, I discovered I learned best by doing the job,” he said. “Given a challenge, I automatically process, how I can get what I need? People with other talents are our best resources, so I’ve always enjoyed mentoring and developing friendships — personal and business.”

After spending 13 years as administrative vice president and assistant marketing director for a licensed residential care facility in Central California, Davis began his tenure on the Central Coast as the director of God’s Haven for Children (GHFC), a foster care program.

He realized networking was critical for fundraising and development of foster care homes. He combined his love of music with outreach in his new community.

Davis served several years as music coordinator for the Morro Bay Harbor Festival and the Morro Bay Music Festival. Ultimately, that led him to provide music coordination for Visit San Luis Obispo County’s (the area’s visitor and conference bureau) entertainment for Savor the Central Coast. Sunset Magazine contracts with him to coordinate music for its annual Menlo Park Celebration Weekend.

“I’ve been privileged to work with Red Holloway, Canned Heat, Randy Rigby and Blue Latitude, and Silent Comedy, which has recently gone national. The Red Skunk Band, Louie Ortega and Len and Midge Gentieu’s Papagallo II will always stand out for me,” Davis said. “I’ve enjoyed finding venues for talented groups like the Cuesta College jazz band and recently three young talents from Cuesta College, Green to White. I’m also hosting weekly musician interviews on Estero Bay Community Radio 97.3.”

After eight years with GHFC, Davis said it was time for it to merge with a national foster care organization and for him to “live his passion.”

Davis has expanded Jim Davis Productions to include a variety of integrative marketing projects. His newest, Festival After Dark, promotes music, art and theater arts in Morro Bay. For more, follow Davis, of course, on Facebook.

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