Letter to the Editor

Power to pope

AtascaderoSeptember 27, 2013 

How refreshing it is to witness how Pope Francis is daily bringing light and warmth and commonality into the Catholic Church by focusing on the major problems the church has, rather than the small stuff that blurs what the church is really meant to be: Bringing the message of Christ to all those suffering throughout the decades, not to cause more suffering.

Pope John XXIII started bringing that transformation about — much to the consternation of the “traditionalists” — before his death. Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI did what they could to drag it back into the oppression of the Dark Ages and isolation from its followers.

Francis appears to have the support of the multitudes who profess to be Catholics and who are taken by his simplicity and dedication to his flock rather than to the pomp and circumstance and isolation that has been exhibited by the Vatican for so long. More power to him.

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