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Quarry query

Santa MargaritaSeptember 27, 2013 

What is going on with the local boys’ Las Pilitas Quarry? On Sept. 12, their mining expert, Ken Johnston, lobbied before the State Mining Geology Board to get the La Panza Granitic Area (the area that includes their proposed mine and both the Cal-Portland Rocky Canyon and Hanson Santa Margarita aggregate mines) designated as an “area of statewide significance” for the preservation of this concrete-grade aggregate resource.

Las Pilitas Quarry has two serious problems with the lobbying position they are proposing. First, they are not going to produce concrete-grade aggregate. They are going to take this valuable aggregate resource that has been “classified” and soon will be “designated” by the state for preservation, and turn it into road base. They do not intend to wash their aggregate, and it takes lots of water to produce concretegrade aggregate.

Second, by lobbying for “statewide significance” (currently, there are no aggregate areas so-designated within the state) the “local quarry” argument presented by Las Pilitas, to reduce truck trip length and to keep from importing aggregate, seems to fall flat when they are advocating for a policy that could ship local aggregate out of the area.

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