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cambrian@thetribunenews.comSeptember 26, 2013 

Why no notice?

Thursday afternoon, Sept. 19, I asked my husband, “do you smell fire?” He rushed downstairs and out the front door, saying, “yes there is a fire, it smells like it’s coming from down the street.”

Our street had gray smoke moving in fast and the smell of fire hung heavy in the air. By then neighbors were running up and down the street checking the many vacation rentals thinking maybe a home was on fire. Other neighbors were calling our house to see if we knew what was going on.

Panic was setting in. To make matters worse, half a dozen dogs were understandably nervous so they were barking. Andy, my husband, had ran back in. He was putting his shoes on, calling 911 and grabbing his keys.

He was then told it was a controlled burn at the lighthouse. Needless to say, we had quite a scare. Later on another neighbor phoned that The Cambrian posted on its website that it was a controlled burn at Piedras Blancas.

So my question here is: Why wasn’t this posted ahead of time in our bill from the CCSD, or in the newspaper? I doubt this controlled burn was a spur of the moment decision. Advanced warning would have saved us all needless panic.

Isn’t this town’s biggest fear fire? Especially at this time of year. Well, we were plenty worried as we quickly put on our shoes, grabbed our keys, water and the dog. Oh, and our daughter, with a sinking stomach, I realized she was right there and then on a school bus going over the hill to her volleyball game.

Please let us change policy, and in the future, make sure these burns are heavily posted. In all, as I look out my window right now, the sun has disappeared and everything is dark and gray. Tomorrow I am going to have to use water, which we don’t have, to clean up the yard. I’m figuring I won’t be the only one.

Corrine Zinn


Bikes needed

Hopefully most you have heard of my charity Bikes for Tikes. We refurbish unwanted bikes and distribute them to needy children and adults throughout the county. It is that time of year again when I particularly need bikes for the December holidays.

Last year I distributed 66 bikes. Some of the recipients included The SLO Battered Women’s Shelter, Prado Homeless Shelter, Grass Roots II, Toys for Tots, The Family Care Network and several churches. Many bikes went to needy families here in Cambria.

So, I again need your help. I am hopeful that some of you who are reading this will donate your used bike or perhaps a new bike to Bikes for Tikes. I can assure you that your bike donation will be truly appreciated by the recipients.

Most of us have the fond memory of ourselves, our children or our grandchildren getting the first taste of independence by riding a small bike alone. I would like to make the opportunity available to as many children as possible.

As for adults, especially in this economy, there are many in our county who are without transportation and a bicycle is sorely needed. This year I received a communication from a homeless man that because he now had a bike he was able to get a job and “finally make enough money to get his own apartment.”

Please note that various individuals and groups have wanted to donate money to Bikes for Tikes, but I do not accept cash donations. However, I can always use bikes new or used of all sizes and, of course, I am always in need of bike helmets. Thank you again for your past bike donations.

James Ellman

Bikes for Tikes

More thanks; sorry

In my “thank you everyone” letter last week (Sept. 19, “700-plus dinners”) I made a glaring error — I thanked the Lions Club instead of the American Legion. Mea culpa.

I also neglected to thank the Cambria Community Services District for waiving all costs to rent the Veterans Memorial Building, as well as Hearst Winery for donating a case of wine.
Thanks so much,

Kit Hansen

Two Wishes for TJ

All for TJ

I enjoyed reading the letter “700-plus dinners” (Sept. 19). I was there and can attest to the great time everyone had and how good we feel about helping TJ Miller.

One thing needs to be corrected: Although there were undoubtedly many Lions who supported this event, it was not their meeting, kitchen, dining room or lounge. Steve Kniffen brought this fundraiser to the attention of the American Legion family and we got behind it 110 percent. That night was the dinner and meeting night for the American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary. We agreed that we would allow the fundraiser to go on in spite of our meetings.

I also contacted about 275 members of the local American Legion family, including the Sons of the American Legion, and asked them all to support the fundraiser and buy a dinner even if they did not normally come for a dinner. I asked them to make a donation even if they could not be there.

We enjoyed the camaraderie of all the community members who were our guests in our dining room and our lounge.

The American Legion family also got a donation of a case of Hearst Winery Glacier Point Chard-onnay which was raffled off. An anonymous member of the American Legion won the silent auction with a bid of $500. We were grateful for the Hearst Winery making this donation and a $500 check was delivered to the committee that night.

Supporting our community, our youth and our veterans are the focus of the American Legion and we are proud to have served this community for 83 years. Our hopes and prayers are with TJ Miller and his family.

Brian Griffin

American Legion Post No. 432

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