Fishing Report: Lintner, Salvucci team up for Tournament of Champions win

Special to The TribuneSeptember 25, 2013 

Longtime partners Jared Lintner and Nick Salvucci finished atop the standings in last weekend’s two-day Tournament of Champions that put a wrap on the second successful 101 Bass season.

Nearly $13,000 in cash and merchandise prizes were awarded.

 “We were junk fishing all weekend. Our tactics included flipping jigs, cranking, throwing topwater baits and some finesse fishing as well,” Salvucci said.

The duo posted the top weight, 10.82 pounds, Saturday at Nacimiento Lake. It was only two-tenths of a pound better than Atascadero’s Brad Shepherd and Clark Endres. The runners-up had the big fish of the day, 4.06 pounds.

The father-and-son tandem of Del and Darrin Bishop placed second in the overall standings. 

 “It was tough fishing both days,” Darrin Bishop said, “but we finally figured it out between 11 o’clock and 2 on Sunday. We didn’t catch our first fish until 10:30. We moved around a lot, targeting fish in 15 to 30 feet of water.” 

They finished with a 19-pound limit.

Fishing alone, San Luis Obispo’s Joey Reggio brought a 21.75-pound limit to the scales Sunday at 

Santa Margarita Lake. His bag was anchored by an 11.37-pound big fish that he reportedly caught flipping.

Tournament Director Jim Slusher also flipped for a 10.51-pound fish but it was the only one he and Erik Zillig caught.

101 Bass TOC Top 10, Day 1 Wt, Day 2 Wt. Total Weight

1. Jared Lintner, Arroyo Grande, Nick Salvucci, Atascadero, 10.82 lbs., 15.28 lbs. 26.10 lbs.; 2. Darrin Bishop, Paso Robles, Del Bishop, Templeton, 6.90 lbs., 19.00 lbs., 25.90 lbs.; 3. Dan Barrios, San Luis Obispo, Casey Langley, Nipomo, 8.09 lbs., 14.57 lbs., 22.66 lbs.; 4.  John White, San Luis Obispo, Bobby Doss, Santa Maria, 8.18 lbs., 12.45 lbs., 20.63 lbs.; 5. Steve Bereda, Santa Margarita, Nick Gregg. San Luis Obispo, 8.24 lbs., 11.15 lbs., 19.39 lbs.; 6. Austin Bonjour, Graham Grove, Atascadero, 7.88 lbs., 13.08 lbs., 20.96 lbs.; 7. Jose Canchola, Matt Diaz, Soledad, 6.86 lbs., 13.43 lbs., 20.29 lbs.; 8. Gene Gray, Atascadero, Tony Pratt, Paso Robles, 6.49 lbs., 16.01 lbs., 22.50 lbs.; 9. Brad Shepherd, Clark Endres, Atascadero, 10.62 lbs., 7.18 lbs. 17.80 lbs.; 10. Carlos & Jacob Vasquez, Soledad, 8.52 lbs., 2.41 lbs.,10.93 lbs.

(Placings were determined by overall two-day performance. Points were awarded in descending order from 105 to 0 for no fish. Ties in points were broken by bigger fish.)

Day 1 at Nacimiento Lake Top 10, Weight

1. Lintner & Salvucci, 10.82 lbs.; 2 .Shepherd & Endres, 10.62 lbs.; 3. Vasquez & Vasquez, 8.52 lbs; 4. Bereda & Gregg,  8.24 lbs.; 5. White & Doss, 8.18 lbs.; 6. Barrios & Langley, 8.09 lbs.; 7. Bonjour & Grove, 7.88 lbs.; 8. Damon Meeks,  Atascadero, Jay Short, Templeton, 7.81 lbs.;  9. Bishop &  Bishop, 6.90 lbs.; 10. Canchola & Diaz, 6.86 lbs. 

1st Big Fish, 4.06 lbs., Shepherd & Endres.

Day 2 at Santa Margarita Lake Top 10, Weight

1. Joey Reggio, San Luis Obispo, 21.75 lbs.; 2. Bishop & Bishop, 19.00 lbs.; 3. Gray & Pratt, 16.01 lbs., 4. Lintner & Salvucci, 15.28 lbs.; 5. Barrios & Langley, 14.57 lbs.; 6. Canchola & Diaz, 13.43 lbs.; 7. Bonjour & Graham, 13.08 lbs.; 8. White & Doss, 12.45 lbs.; 9. Bereda & Gregg, 11.15 lbs.; 10. Jim Slusher, Atascadero, & Erik Zillig, Paso Robles, 10.51 lbs. 1st Big Fish, 11.37 lbs., Reggio.

Final Top 10 Standings, 101 Anglers of the Year

1. Barrios & Langley, 679 points 2. Bonjour & Grove, 602; 3.  Meeks & Short,  589; 4. (tie)  Shepherd & Endres  and Dean Miller, Daryl Masterson, Tulare, 587; 6. Fred & Freddy Ledesma, Soledad, 580; 7. Vasquez & Vasquez, 578; 8. Lintner & Salvucci, 572; 9. Bishop & Bishop, 570; 10. Gray & Pratt, 564.   

Albacore outlook

Harrell Kimball reports from the Nipomo Mesa: “Blue water is still 70 to 90 miles offshore. It looks like the best conditions to prospect for albacore will be Saturday. The forecast calls for winds to return Sunday afternoon.” 

Virg’s Landing

The first albacore trip of the season aboard the Princess departs at 11 p.m. Tuesday with return by 6 a.m. Wednesday. Cost is $235. For reservations and trip schedules, call 772-1222 or go online to 

All jackpots last week were lingcods. Winners and weights were: Mike Blair, Las Vegas, 15-0, Roosevelt Vickers, Jr., Los Angeles, 14-0, Chris Isaila, Fresno, 13-0, Jim Martsuitas, Los Osos, 12-0,  Raymond Belasquz, Fresno, 8-0, and Craig Webster, Bakersfield, 7-0.

Patriot Sportfishing

Last week’s big fish was a 14-pound, 9-ounce lingcod caught by Atascadero’s Matt Nelson.

Lingcods won all jackpots. Winners and weights were: Kelly Alexander, Sanger, 14-8, Judd McClimon, Goleta, 12-0, Carl Reuter, Santa Maria, 10-0, Kim Calaway, Clovis, 8-5, Patrick Lewis, Fresno, and Lois Campana, Templeton, both 8-0, and Edgar Bonilla, Fresno, 6-0. For reservations, trip schedules call 595-7200 or go online to

For reservations, trip schedules call 595-7200 or go online to

Port San Luis Boatyard

Don Gheno of Santa Maria took Whopper of the Week honors with the catch of a 221⁄2-pound halibut Saturday. Thirty-seven of the 98 lingcod caught were landed Sunday.  It was the sixth-most caught in one day this year. Five halibut and one salmon were caught. Fifty-five boats were dispatched.

Morro Bay Landing

No trips were offered last week. The Black Pearl was scheduled for a three-quarter-day  trip departing at 7 a.m. today. The Black Pearl has a day-and-a-half albacore trip leaving at 8 p.m. Saturday, returning at 6 a.m. Monday. Cost is $275. For reservations and more information, call 771-5500. 

Whale Rock

It was an all-Winkler week at the reservoir last week. Both fish caught, (a 15-inch and a 16-inch) were bagged by Jeff Winkler on Saturday. That brought his 2013 total to 29 fish with 15 caught on PowerBait and 14 on worms. The turnout of 18 anglers brought the yearly total to 833.  Thus far, 162 trout have been caught in the 109 open fishing days. Whale Rock is open Wednesdays through Sundays and legal holidays. 

Lopez Lake

Marina staffer Bernadette La Barr reported these recent catches: A 20-pound catfish by Jeff Horton in Cottonwood Cove on liver; a  7 11⁄16-pound bass by  Carl Thomas; and 5-pound and 2 5⁄8-pound bass  by  Chase Goodin of Atascadero and Brian Dwyer of Nipomo, respectively, both in the Vasquez Arm and both on crankbaits.  

Santa Margarita Lake

A 6-pound catfish was caught Sunday by Brian K. Yee of Alameda, using Roy Baro catfish rig. Marina Manager Don Lopez said: “Finally, redear are being caught all over the lake on jigs baited with nightcrawler pieces.”

Nacimiento Lake

Dave Rymal’s report from Heritage Ranch included Gary Magee’s take of four spots Wednesday by jigging Real Image lures at Las Tablas. Bunky Charles and his usual friends, Jack and Brad Foster, connected with 16 spots Tuesday. 

Cachuma Lake

Catfish continue to be the best bet for fishermen. Cut mackerel, nightcrawlers and chicken livers took fish up to 6 pounds. The fish are holding in shallow water in the backs of coves and cuts. Topwater presentations and jigs are working early in the day for bass. Later in the day drop-shotting works.

Some redear and bluegill are being harvested from weed beds in the Mohawk area and Little Cachuma Bay. Seasonal trout plants are anticipated to resume at the end of October or early November. 

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