Letter to the Editor

Negative impact

Grover BeachSeptember 25, 2013 

It is inaccurate for The Tribune to suggest the People’s Kitchen is simply an issue of compassion. I am a Grover Beach business owner opposed to the way People’s Kitchen operates. It is not because I don’t have compassion, but because of the negative impact it has had on my business and on other local businesses and residences.

The People’s Kitchen in theory is a great service. However, I do not support its current business model. It is inconceivable that this organization is allowed to continue to operate in residential and business neighborhoods and also in close proximity to schools, when they have violated the conditions outlined in their permit. Police statistics show that there has been an increase in police activity at every location People’s Kitchen has operated, and have stated that this will likely be exacerbated if People’s Kitchen is granted an extension.

I will stand behind services for the common good, but I cannot stand in support of People’s Kitchen as it appears to be reckless in its implementation. So in regards to compassion: I have compassion, but my compassion toward charitable organizations has to also extend to the well-being of my local community neighbors.

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