Letter to the Editor

In midst of drought

NipomoSeptember 25, 2013 

The front page of The Tribune Sept. 21 showed about 400 new building sites, and plans for all kinds of homes, businesses and civic buildings. Am I the only person on the Central Coast who has discovered that we are in the middle of a drought?

Take a look at the hills, for example. I’ve lived in California all my long, long life, and this is the first time the hills have been so parched that they are gray. Cattle are grazing on dried weeds and dirt. I don’t know who could be asked to build a couple of desalinization plants, but I truly think we should do some planning should this dry spell continue.

We take for granted so much, like of course it will rain … soon. How do we know this? Just to be on the safe side, build the plants and then build the new designer showroom.

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