Letter to the Editor

The same mistakes

AtascaderoSeptember 24, 2013 

I love (and occasionally dread) reading The Tribune. What fascinates me most are the many foibles and failures of humanity, as well as their victories.

A classic example in Sept. 19’s paper is the discovery of a method to identify the origin of an illness using genetic data from the sick individual, and doing it quickly. How great is that?

Right next to that article was one about selling guns to mentally ill people who then go out and kill people. What a surprise that was. What’s next? Guns sold to the blind? ... Oh.

What on Earth is wrong with a species — our species — that can put a man on the moon, cure cancer and identify a virus by its genetic signature, and still engage is wholesale slaughter — from the individual, to the national, to the international?

Are we doomed to continue to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors at a greater and more destructive scale than has ever been seen in human history?

Looks like it, doesn’t it?

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