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Lack of civil speech

Morro BaySeptember 23, 2013 

People filled the Morro Bay Veterans Memorial Building on Thursday afternoon for the public comment portion of a special City Council session on City Manager Andrea Luecker and City Attorney Robert Schultz.

DAVID MIDDLECAMP — dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

The behavior of many speakers at the Sept. 12 special Morro Bay City Council meeting was truly abhorrent. The abuse and vitriol sustained by three members of the council was shocking and seemed to be fueled by a bit of fact and a whole lot of conjecture, rumor mongering, fear and anger at defeat in last year’s election. There is no justification for the slanderous speech and threatening words spewed at these council members by the local town bullies.

Keep in mind that one of the reasons these speakers knew the details of the meeting is because Mayor Jamie Irons changed the practice of previous administrations to reflect greater clarity in agendas and maximize public comment. This is transparency in action. And it is one reason why more people voted for Irons in 2012 than did for then-Mayor Bill Yates and Councilwoman Carla Bouchard combined.

And for the record, Noah Smukler received more votes in that low turnout primary election than Nancy Johnson did in the 2010 general election, which put her in office. Furthermore, Christine Johnson received more votes in the primary than George League received in the 2010 general election as well. Check the numbers for yourselves at http://www.smartvoter.org.

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