Letter to the Editor

Dissent is not bad

Morro BaySeptember 23, 2013 

In reference to the letter by Linda Stedjee “No rule by mob” (Letters, Sept. 18) I would like to answer by saying I (now regretfully) voted for Jamie Irons. I do not consider myself a hooligan but an interested voter who wanted to see what my (apparent) king and his court were up to. This circus was called by them on a 3-2 vote with 24-hour notice.

If Mayor Irons had offered even one credible reason these people were being called on the carpet and forced to sit through a public humiliation, I think all of the attendees would have let due process take its course. But, after two hours of public comment, the only explanation for adjourning to closed session was “they had no cause or complaint against either of these people.”

This, Ms. Stedjee, is why I chose to attend. Nobody was silencing or intimidating anybody. And if you really consider our former mayors, fire chiefs, council members and neighbors that spoke as hooligans, then perhaps you are really not paying attention to what might really be going on here. Mayor Irons’ McCarthy-style of politics is what is in question. Not the right of our citizenry to question it.

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