Letter to the Editor

Pismo council was listening

Pismo BeachSeptember 23, 2013 

Recently, The Tribune published a letter from Gary Linquist wherein he chided the Pismo Beach City Council and developers of Price Canyon project(s) for “not listening” and made the erroneous statement that “the citizens of Pismo Beach and the Five Cities don’t want these projects put off for one year. They want them put off forever.”

Mr. Lindquist: Quit putting words in the mouths of others. I have been a citizen of Pismo Beach and the Five Cities for decades and, provided they meet the criteria set forth in the California Environmental Quality Act and the city ordinances, I am in full support of these developments, as are many of my fellow citizens. Gauging from my discussions through the years it seems about 2:1 in favor.

Further, because the City Council and Planning Commission do not vote the way you “instructed” them to, does not mean the were not listening. As a member of the Planning Commission for eight years, I can assure you they were listening intently. They heard every word you and everybody else had to say. If they voted contrary to your wishes, it is because the do not agree with you, not because they weren’t listening.

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