Letter to the Editor

People's Kitchen needs permit

Arroyo GrandeSeptember 23, 2013 

I have been working in the People’s Kitchen program for a number of years. I can attest that the Grover Beach Planning Commission has made a huge mistake in not granting a conditional use permit to use the vacant lot in Grover Beach.

Some 17 churches and organizations are serving 80 to 200 people a day, seven days a week. You find that many of them are caught up in the signs of the time: lost their jobs due to downsizing and then lost their homes. Now in order to rent some kind of shelter, they have no funds to eat on a regular basis. Homeless students, families with children, the list goes on.

One lady in her late 70s is trying to support five homeless children. Her one daily meal is with People’s Kitchen. One participating organization has distributed more than 8,000 pairs of new socks over the years. At Christmas time, a Santa gives out more than 200 wrapped gifts to children and adults who may not have a Christmas otherwise. I challenge members of the Planning Commission and the Grover Beach City Council to come and look into the faces of these children and good people, and deny them a daily meal.

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