Letter to the Editor

Control overhead

CambriaSeptember 20, 2013 

The Tribune claimed Measure Y needed more input and transparency (July 21). More importantly, there is an unnecessary proposed continuation of this Measure Y: a half cent temporary 2006 sales tax increase.

The increased city sales taxes and parking fees relate to a systemic exorbitant salary, benefit and pension plague. There are 50 known six-digit yearly salaries, even up to $311,000 for the manager. Hence, insufficient resources remain to complete “needs.” Examples are: improved senior citizen facilities, street maintenance, public safety and vehicle congestion relief.

Some excuses for exorbitant overhead are: “we cannot find qualified candidates ” or “compensation must be competitive with similar cities.”

This is rubbish, because there are too many citizens during this poor job market desiring to work for money. What about volunteering versus overtime, entrylevel positions, college interns, sales and suggestion award programs?

Simply stated — city management needs to reset outside the “Tax Box,” negotiate and neutralize any intimidation or scare propaganda to control overhead. The overspending and tax “status quo” is obsolete.

Vote “no” on Y.

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