Letter to the Editor

Colorado recall

AtascaderoSeptember 20, 2013 

The Washington Post editorial that ran in The Tribune on Sept. 16, “Government by recall” regarding limiting the right of citizens to recall elected officials was appalling and exhibits a shocking contempt for elected officials being held accountable to voters.

The Colorado recall took place because of the contempt elected officials demonstrated toward those who elected them. The incumbents received hundreds of thousands of dollars in outside support, significantly outspending the recall proponents. They were elected in districts that went heavily for President Obama, yet they still were recalled. While a recall should not be used lightly, it is the ultimate peaceful weapon of last resort to hold elected officials accountable to the people they purport to represent.

The Tribune should send the Post a “brickbat” for exhibiting such contempt for the people’s will and the democratic process. Maybe a “brickbat” should also be selfissued to The Tribune for running the editorial at all.

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