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‘What a mess’

I read last week that the Cambria Community Services District will be holding a public meeting “to discuss and take action on possible fixes” to the severe drought. Are they the only ones in Cambria that didn’t see this crisis coming?

Years and years of inaction on back-up sources of drinking water have led us to this. It appears the CCSD’s response will be to add surcharges to many of our water bills. They are just punishing the victims. Oh boy, what a mess.

Joel I. Cehn


Cambria fog

We all love a beautiful sunny day. But our occasional cool foggy mornings do provide relief during hot and dry weather. In addition, fog provides a necessary source of moisture for our trees and plants.

The essay “Cambria Fog” by Brad Seek explains the process: “Our Monterey pines seem to be particularly adept at capturing this ephemeral water source. A pine only 15 feet high may have as many as 50,000 needles, each capable of condensing fog to visible droplets.

“As each droplet grows, gravity eventually pulls it to the ground. The fog drip from a large pine can sound like heavy rain, as it wets the soil beneath it. But an open patch of grass 30 feet away from any pines will remain silent and dry. During the summer season, when there is virtually no rain, fog drip can be a welcome source of moisture.”

As we face the reality of our limited water supply, please remember that our trees and fog help to keep Cambria green.

A collection of essays about our forest called “Tales from the Cambria Woods,” including “Cambria Fog,” was published in 2002 by the Cambria Forest Committee. It can be viewed on our website at
Crosby Swartz, co-chairman

Cambria Forest Committee

Sign of the times

Re: Kathe Tanner’s column “Next time, I call the cops” (Sept. 12):

The sheriff’s department informs residents that if the burglar rings the bell and no one answers they go around the back hoping to find an unlocked door. We have many soliciters — too many — but I have solved it by putting the following notice next to the doorbell:

PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB OCCUPANTS: No Religion, No Realtors, No Fund Raisers, No Services or Products — NOBODY!

Friends/family are welcome and ignore the sign. No problem — it works.

Carol Conte

Westlake Village

700-plus dinners

Thanks to goodwill, volunteerism and generosity, the friends of TJ Miller and his family served over 700 dinners on Sept. 4; all profits went to TJ’s family who are, at this moment, enjoying time together in Hawaii.

TJ’s mother, Laura Lathrop, wrote a letter thanking the many volunteers. As a wrapup to this successful event, we would like to additionally  thank the restaurant owners of Cambria, all of whom helped out or offered help — in particular, John MacKinnon of Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill.

Please patronize these restaurant owners to show your appreciation. On one night, hundreds of people did not dine out because they were driving through the pasta dinner line at the Veterans Memorial Building.

Thanks to Audrey Negley, who baked dozens of delicious cookies that sold out. Special thanks to the Lions Club of Cambria, which had its regular meeting that night, bought dinners from us, and let us use their room for diners who wanted to “eat in.”

Thank you most of all to the Cambria community, which shows their community spirit time after time.

Kit Hansen, and the group from

Two Wishes for TJ

Pinedorado plaudits

We were rockin’ it into overtime, and the locals on Monday didn’t want this year's 65th annual Pinedorado to end. As we Lions looked around us, at all the families having a great time, we were rewarded and understood why we continue our efforts year after year.
Our reward is for: the children, their families and our town.

We continue to fundraise: one hamburger, one snow cone, one corn on the cob at a time; which is unique in this day and age. The music, mural painting and car show over the three-day event was free for all to enjoy; every Cambrian had the ability to feel included.

Even more, the 58 parade entrants along with the 156 car show participants helped fill our hotels, restaurants and businesses. Many merchants informed us that they had had “a record-breaking weekend.”

These merchants also helped us raise money from all their generous donations. Above all, excited locals and tourists saw our great community at its best.

“Thank you, all of you,” who came out and supported us, helping to make this Pinedorado the best in recent years. In addition, “thank you,” to those of you who came out and volunteered and gave of yourselves, thus giving back to our town. We couldn’t begin to orchestrate this event without our many volunteers.

Incidentally, we were thrilled watching the excitement and smiles of the approximately 1,000 people who enjoyed, laughed and clapped along with the return of The Follies.
Producer/director Peggy Christianson and her cast and crew totally exceeded all of our expectations with their adaptation of “Vacation: The Musical — If you live in Paradise, where do you go on vacation?” We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us with next year’s show!

Again, a final “thank you,” to all the Cambria Lions Members; volunteer organizations; students earning service hours and local merchants and individuals who helped make Pinedorado happen — and to those of you who for the first time came out and got involved.

Your great efforts will assist in our $30,000 of yearly donations which directly go back into our community, including, to name a few: Cambria Grammar School, fourth grade Science Camp; Santa Lucia Middle School, career exploration; Coast Union High School Drama and Bronco Boosters; $9,000 awarded in yearly college scholarships; our Lions annual free children’s Christmas Party (along with a visit from Santa); Camp Reach for the Stars, a cancer camp for kids and their family at the Pinedorado Grounds; high school marching bands who participate in the Pinedorado Parade; donations to the volunteer groups who work the booths and grills at Pinedorado; the Cambria Education Foundation and Cambria Youth Athletic Association; and annual eye testing for our Cambria grammar and middle school students (along with eyeglasses for those in need).

We look forward to seeing you again next year at the 66th annual Pinedorado. And for this reason, we take great pride in knowing we continue the legacy that has been given to us by those who came before us.

Andy Zinn, president

Lions Club of Cambria

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