Letter to the Editor

Watch your backs

Morro BaySeptember 19, 2013 

Linda Fidell’s letter published Sept. 14 was correct: Disappointment, anger, outrage and disbelief were displayed during public comment at the meeting regarding termination of the city manager and attorney of Morro Bay. I heard disappointment in the lack of transparency by the council bloc of Jamie Irons, Christine Johnson and Noah Smukler. I heard anger in the process chosen by this bloc in its attempt to terminate two long-standing employees. I heard outrage and disbelief when it was obvious the bloc had no cause or complaint for the termination. What was the bloc thinking?

Now it’s clear. Just to save a few bucks, the bloc is willing to terminate employees who display loyalty to the city and conducted themselves professionally, ethically and impartially in dealing with different councils for more than 20 years.

The threats of recall are a part of democracy. When our vote is hoodwinked, it is our responsibility to start a recall to correct the mistake.

If you work hard as a city employee, do your jobs well and find yourself at the top of your pay scale, look out. Your dedication is rewarded with a kick in the wazoo on your way out the door.

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